(Watch) Reporter Who Called Chris Kyle “Racist” Caught Lying On-Air, Epic Humiliation!!




As an American, I am beyond pissed that this Islamic sympathizer is still spreading his propaganda on the trashy and vile NBC network.  This bigot should’ve been gone when he called Chris Kyle a racist who went on killing sprees.



MSNBC reporter Ayman Mohyeldin had to be corrected on-air on Wednesday when he appeared to suggest that a Palestinian man who was shot and killed by Israeli security forces was brandishing no weapon.

The incident occurred at the Damascus Gate entering the Old City Jerusalem, when a man wearing camouflage appearing to be in his 20s, rushed towards the security check point. Israeli police yelled at the knife-wielding man to stop multiple times before shooting and killing him.

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  • John

    so the reporter is a stinking scuzzlim. What would you expect him to say?