(Watch) Pastor Knocks Out Ten Thousand With Invisible Power Of The Holy Ghost!


Is this pastor really knocking people over with the power of God… or is it all staged?  Are these people so enamored with their religious leader that they are willing to risk breaking something to demonstrate the level of their devotion?  Is God’s divine power in them so strong that their response to the pastor is this extreme?  Is the woman in the black pencil dress too modest to comply?  Your God-given discernment will either strengthen your resolve or protect you from charlatans.

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  • Pauline Wallace


  • Helen Witschi

    What happened to the Father and the Son? They are one. I feel this was staged. Felt evil when I watched it!

  • Joe Stewart

    Oral Roberts used to do stuff like this…I am a believer in God but I don’t believe what is going on here by this guy…It is fake…And so is he…

  • Tom-Bo

    What a joke and what an ass !!!

  • Raymond Pelfrey

    This reminds me of Benny Hinn. sp sorry.

  • McKay

    why i love being pentacostal