(Watch) Older Gentleman Gives Young Thug The Butt Whooping His Mamma Should Have Long Ago!

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The younger generations of males in America pale in comparison to the generations before them as far as giving others, especially elders, respect goes. You can blame it on a lack of male role models in their young lives,  be that at the hand of dead-beat dads, the war on fathers which took its toll on fathers who wanted to and tried to be there, but were kept away from their children due to bitter mothers who could afford unscrupulous lawyer’s fees, and even the culture of music and pop culture can be blamed.

How do we fix it? Perhaps a lot of young men just need a good old fashioned butt whopping! One their mamma’s should have given them long ago, rather than merely threatening to count to three and only making it to two and seven eighths.

Watch the lesson this older gentleman from a previous generation teaches this young whippersnapper who decides to launch a verbal insult upon him as he rides by his house on a stanky weed run.

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  • Sonokar

    We need more Rays.

  • Athena007

    1. That is not a Crip or a Crip wannabe. If you think this is a Crip or even a Blood, you know exactly dick about either gang.

    2. The first words out of the kid’s mouth on the video were, “Why are you stopping me?” That’s all we are given. We weren’t shown any other action by the kid to warrant this attack.

    3. No one commenting on this video knows who either of these two people are or the whole story about why this happened. For all anyone here knows, this could be the boy’s abusive father. It could be the boy’s mom’s boyfriend and the kid rode off instead of getting into an altercation with the boyfriend but the boyfriend came after him, anyway.

    4. Bottom line is everyone applauding this man is only living out their own fantasy of what the headline and OP wants them to imagine. There is no whole story here, yet you applaud an adult beating the shit out of a kid you don’t even know. Perhaps you need to reflect on your own lives before jumping to conclusions about strangers on a video edited to make you react this way.

    • Tomy kay

      Excellent point. The media does a great job of misinterpreting most of what we see, but if it was just a kid , maybe scouting or dealing he ain’t gonna do it on that street.

    • Al Parsons

      That’s ok Athena, keep on drinking that kool-aid, and when they kick YOUR door down at 3 AM for a home invasion, maybe you’ll think back to this libtard rant!

      • Athena007

        The epitome of ignorance is ASSuming you know someone’s political leaning by a mere comment. If you think it’s liberal to use logic and reason and not jump to conclusions based upon what an internet story is telling you, what does that say you think of a conservative response if it would be the opposite? Please, do the Republican Party a favor and just stop talking. We don’t need brain dead inbreds like you speaking for us.

  • Lol, I love feel good stories in the morning! God Bless the man and those ladies! Like to give them all a big hug!

  • Tomy kay

    “Let that shit go”…trying to beat some sense into that kid. Let it go, drugs, ego and all the crap you THINK is cool, everyone else KNOWS you’re a chump. Hopefully it worked.

  • Paul L. Grimala

    The only problem is the kid will come back with his buddies and thier guns!

  • Ted Steiner

    Fred wins!

  • Dirty Harry

    A Ray of hope.

  • Marie Murphy Bond

    Good job

  • Jim Butowsky

    crazy culture, black people seem so violent and the girls are just laughing i don’t get it?