(Watch) Off Duty Police Save New York Shoppers From Being Decapitated By Islamist Cell?

apple store

Imagine if you will. You are a New York resident, on high alert of another terrorist attack after the Paris attacks of last week and after the Muslims have publicly threatened your city. You’re out shopping with the family at the local Apple Store, and in comes a man wielding a sword and acting ape shit crazy.

This was actually the case only two days ago in a story that is being kept off of the mainstream media outlets. Fortunately, there were two off duty police officers in the store and they were able to subdue the man. The story being given to the sheeple when the story is released is that the man was crazy and he was threatening to kill himself. God forbid they release a statement claiming that this was a lone wolf Muslim out to commit terror, which is probably a lot closer to the truth!

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