(Watch) Obama REFUSES To Leave The Oval Office! Is The 2016 Election A Sham?


Obama has made hints at not wishing to leave the Oval Office, but… as if on queue… things have gotten much more real.

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  • mcdonnal

    I posted on a thread a long time ago, early in his first term that he would eventually impose martial law and suspend elections. I was scoffed at and chastised for my lack of understanding of the law and the way that martial law worked, etc. Well here we are well into his 2nd term, after a large turnout of welfare frauds and morons, he was re elected. His minions and he himself are doing all they can publicly and behind the scenes, with the full blessings and aid of the mainstream media, to start a race war. What a perfect opportunity to declare martial law, etc etc, King Obama, President for Life, .is their goal.

    • Edwin Vega

      I’m with you. I have been saying something similar to you. Read my post: re: Edwin Vega

    • Richard O. Mann

      Yep. All hell will break loose. But, that is what he is after.

    • Susan Lopez

      My family and I have been saying the same thing, we worry that he will create a chaos so bad he will declare martial law and stay in office.

    • nieciedo

      The problem with that scenario is that martial law does not override the Constitution. There is no precedent for any “martial law” or national emergency postponing elections, and do you really think that our military would allow this? Speaking as a hard core leftist Marxist, I have absolutely zero desire to see Obama stay in office any longer than he has to – and I bet he feels the same way. i mean, have you seen what that job does to people? Look at Obama in 2008 and compare the picture to today. Look at Bush in 2000 and again in 2009. The job is not fun. It chews people up and spits them out.

      • Albert Gallagher

        An act of Martial law supersedes the Constitution. Congress loses its ability to legislate,as well as the Senate. Your rights are also suspended.

        • nieciedo

          And that is in the Constitution…where exactly?

      • mcdonnal

        I so hope you are right, I wish it would spit him out yet today. I am not to sure of your analysis, I have great concerns as to why he has fired a number of Admirals and Generals who apparently did not agree with his agenda and also has begun to staff the military with homosexuals and transgenders, etc. as well as illegal aliens. They may not be hesitant to fire upon Americans in times of uprising. Speaking as one who is to the right of Genghis Khan.

        • nieciedo

          Perhaps you can take some comfort in the fact that none of that is actually true. There have been no ideological purges of the military command. The military is not being filled with gays and trans people – in case you’re unaware, LGBT Americans are Americans just like you are – they have always been in the military; the only thing that has changed is that now they can stay in the military without having to hide. Also, bear in mind that it was not Obama but Congress that repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. It’s very easy to take a simplistic view and assume that the president is all-powerful, but he really isn’t. He has to work with Congress, and that’s not something I’d wish on my worst enemy.

          As for worst enemy, I just don’t understand why you all think Obama is so evil. I’m not a fan, but that’s because he’s too much of a conservative. He’s been in office for 6 1/2 years. Where is the socialism? Where are the death panels? Where are the Sharia courts? I mean, the only things he’s done that have bothered me are the wiretapping and the unilateral drone executions and the unauthorized intervention in Libya – and those are all actions with decades of precedent.

          I get it. Everyone wants to believe they’re living in important and interesting times. So we make things more important and more significant than they really are. But please: the world is shitty enough without needing to invest farcical and absurd uber-shittiness. Obama is not a dictator, nor is he the antichrist. He’s just a post-modern centrist corporatist politician.

          • Edith

            They use to put them out of the military with a dishonorable discharge.

      • kujo

        During marshal law the constitution is null and void about military will not be enforcing it. NATO will be in charge

        • nieciedo

          [Citation needed]

  • Edwin Vega

    He is the Anti Christ. He has power to attempt anything he feels like doing under executive order. He will kill those who oppose his agenda re: Agenda 21. He is a lawless president. Hmmmm so was George Bush. Besides he will not run for a third term but be appointed into power as the 1st president of the NWO. He will do a coup De tat. Why do you think he shook his hands with the Castro brothers. Well he is following their lead and 1960s Cuba’s. Coup De tat. The history of the Americas and its territories are being re written. America will be NO more.

    • nieciedo

      citation needed.

    • Edith

      I do not believe Obama is the antichrist. Yes he is evil but not as evil as the anti-christ will be. America needs to be on their knees willingly praying to God. Instead we may be brought to our knees by God. This I know will happen but when I do not know but it seems it is getting very close. As wicked as the world is now, it can get worse and it will for Christians as well as non-believers.

  • nieciedo

    Wow. You people are delusional. Did you miss the part where he said that the law is the law? I bet you’re the same crop of lunatics who were sure Bill Clinton was going to declare himself president for life and call in UN black helicopters to take your guns.

    • usmc_marine

      FYI Obama says one thing and we know he will do the opposite. He is lawless, the congress let’s him run solo. His code name is renegade by secret service. There is so much that fits biblical prophecy that many many many are concerned. Maybe to the point of over reaching meanings of actions but as a marine we are conditioned to be a bit paranoid than caught off guard. ;)

  • Ricky Velez

    Listen everyone..he has all those muslims in office .,do you really think he’s leaving, he has something planned. Something catastrophic is going to happen.before he leaves, and its going to lead up to marshall law.thats how he’s going to stay in office, so word of advice, be prepared, because its going to get ugly, before it gets better…these are one of many signs that jesus told us to look for, and there have been many signs. ..so america my next advice is to pray, repent, leave your old ways and become new with jesus, before its to late. .but it starts with you repenting ..god bless america, …

    • nieciedo

      Which Muslims are you referring to? Surely you can name one..

      • usmc_marine

        nieciedo, you speak very good human logic of optimism. But we are not fighting a war of the flesh. Its a spiritual war and we are some what just pawns. If you try to think outside the box there is so much happening right in front of our eyes I feel its important to think beyond our understanding… Which is dirt. We know nothing but what we can see and has substance. Surely there is a hell of a lot more than just our minute existence. And when you search for truth your eyes become open. I believe something very sinister is upon us. I hope I’m wrong….and also the thousands or million believers that are also wrong about their intuitions. I’m not being sarcastic just pointing out a different perspective.

  • Bruce Anderson

    nothin a coupla dozen 9 mm to the back of his head wont cure,

  • Jim Huston

    A QUEUE is a line of people waiting for service; a CUE is a signal to take an action.

  • R Stapleton

    As I understand the law that was passed by congress and signed the big O states that he can declare martial law at any time he wants (War time or peace time). He’s been trying real hard to get the citizens riled up with his shenanigans hoping they’ll riot. Perfect reason to declare martial law is in effect. And be the dictator that he wants to be. Why else would he arm up the IRS, Post office and all the other departments of his administration ? Why is trying so hard to abolish the Second Amendment ?

  • Linda F.

    You *will* leave office, Obama – even if you have to be dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming. The same thing goes for your family. And if you put up any resistance, I hope your miserable rear ends are arrested.