(Watch) Man Follows 8 Year Old Girl Into Restroom- Ambulance Can’t Get There Quick Enough!

target store crimes

Well, after the P.C. police have had their way with all things public restroom, the REAL police certainly have their hands full now with a massive increase of crimes against women and children which have spiked, of all places, in public restrooms!

The department store chain, Target, which has been known as a liberal leftist safe haven for years, refusing each Christmas to allow the Marines to host their ‘Toys for Tots’ drop offs at their stores, have gone even farther recently, in slapping the face of all things conservative and sane, by allowing people of either gender to use either restroom they’d like in their stores.

Not to be outdone in the cool, hip realm of P.C., most businesses in the U.S. have done the same, and the Federal Government is currently trying to force all businesses to do it.

A sweet little 8 year old girl paid a hefty price for this politically correct B.S. recently, when a 33 year old man followed her into the restroom at a Jason’s Deli, in the murder capital of the U.S., Chicago, Hussein Obama’s hometown.

The man assaulted the girl, as well as her mother when she rushed into the restroom to intervene, and then he had the audacity to assault police officials when they were booking him at jail.

The man, according to reports, did NOT identify as a woman or a tranny, rather, a pedophile, and saw the new law as an opportunity to score an easy prey, as one MAJOR line of defense against male predators seeking out little girls, gender specific restrooms, has now been erased.


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  • Scooter Tramp

    Courtesy of the loony left.

  • Kristin Lamance

    Makes me ashamed to be an American.

    • Forever wild

      What a stupid ass statement. Move your ass out of the country

    • Be ashamed of the people who did this, Obama and his Administration, who do not represent We, the People, as no longer does Congress, but always be proud to be an American! Anytime you elect a Foreign 3rd World Pervert, like Obama, who is a Muslim and a Homosexual, you only ask for problems, even Liberals in general. I will always be proud to be an AMERICAN PATRIOT, but I am ashamed and disgusted with this worthless overpowering government we how have, and the ilk in charge! TRUMP/TRUE PATRIOTS 2016!

  • Troy Connor

    disgust is more like it if it were legal ( yeah like that means anything anymore) I think I would throw this prick into a wood chipper feet first and anybody who whines that it was cruel and inhuman punishment. No, it was swift and final justice.

  • Crook_Hater

    So, why hasn’t Congress passed a law to outlaw this directive?