(Watch) Mysterious Disappearing Island Baffles Scientists


Hundreds, if not thousands, of sailors have reported the location of an island over the last 250 years.  Captain James Cook discovered it in the region known as New Caledonia, near Australia, in 1774.  Sandy Island was thus mapped at 19°13′S 159°56′E / 19.22°S 159.93°E for most of modern times.  It was described as a sand bar with a few large trees.  The last time it was physically seen and recorded was in 1876 by the whaling ship Velocity.  Oddly enough, the researchers who reported it missing recorded depths of over 4,000 feet where the island SHOULD have been.  Oslands do not disappear quite THAT totally… there should have been a mountain underwater.  Google Earth appears to be dealing with this mystery by leaving an enormous black stain on the South Pacific.

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