(Watch) Muslim Immigrants Destroy Virgin Mary Statue Then Do The Unthinkable!

virgin marry statue

Isn’t it strange how if a cartoonist draws an offensive picture of the profit/pedophile Muhammad, it’s perfectly acceptable for those who follow the evil, demonic cult of Islam to walk right into that man’s office and blow him and his colleagues away? Because the man desecrated an image of their sick, twisted belief system? Yet these same people can take a statue of Mary, crush it on the ground, breaking it into pieces, and then urinate on it? This happened in Italy just a few days ago as an Italian man knelt in prayer, before the statue of the Virgin Mary, that sacred emblem of purity in the Christian religion. The man held a picture of a lost loved one in his hand, and was praying for blessings for the spirit of the departed, when five Muslim men came over, took the picture out of the man’s hand, ripped it to shreds and then smashed the statue of the Virgin Mary and then urinated on it.

This is nothing new. Check out this worthless piece of dribble doing pretty much the same thing.


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