(Watch) Mom Loses Custody Of Kids Kills Everyone Involved In Decision!


Some serious custody angst with this one… it would seem that after Jody Herring lost custody of her 9-year old daughter, she figured it was within her rights to kill three of her own relatives and then go after the CPS official involved in her case.  GREAT way to show them you should have gotten custody, Jody!

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  • Johnny Buller

    Years ago I lived in a small Kansas town where the local social worker decided to “crack down” on abuse and neglect, taking on more cases than she could handle so that she could create a position for a friend of hers who had just graduated from college. This sort of mentality is pervasive in every level of government. Every government agency’s primary function is to grow and expand far beyond its’ original purpose.

  • Johnny Buller

    There is nothing more dangerous than a person with nothing left to lose.