(Watch) Missionary Couple Goes Missing Strange CCTV Video Shows Strange Events Of Their Last Day

ghost vido Malaysia

Last week, a Christian couple from the Philippines traveled to neighboring Malaysia to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the heathen natives. Against better advice, they checked into a hotel in a seedy village rumored to be haunted by the spirits of black magic practicing Shaman. When they didn’t return on their scheduled flight, their family inquired of their whereabouts.

These scenes were pieced together from the hotel’s CCTV cameras.  Though their bodies have still not been found, there is no record that they ever checked out of the hotel. Authorities claim they will ‘do their best to find them,’ which translates to ‘no further search will be done.’


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  • james

    Something very odd here, but as body mover, ie…. many,many dead bodies, do not believe in “ghosts” nor “evil spirits”. Something more at work here. Some human hand involved, somehow. Been at many a morgue, with”suspicious” deaths at all hours of day and night, folks. Call me skeptic, or what you will, just never seen ghosts nor demons.

  • Evil does exist and runs rampant within our World today! Just look at Islam and Democrats! That is enough proof that Evil and Satan exist!