(Watch) Mexifornia Dreamers Accost On-Duty Lifeguard Proving Donald Trump Right!

mexifornia dreamers

Donald Trump has proven to be a man of the people, sky rocketing ahead in the Republican nominee polls, mostly for simply being the first man in many years with enough balls to call it like it is. He’s become no friend of illegal immigrants lately, due to his frank honesty in regard to their criminal and stray animalistic nature. He’s recently remarked that once elected President, he’ll make sure to deport them all and see that the bad ones (which no doubt, are most of them) never get back in. Here’s one good example of just what he’s talking about. Three ‘dreamers’ attack and beat a lifeguard on duty recently in Mexifornia. This is how third world people live. They conduct themselves this way in their third world dumps, and when they come here, they do not change their behavior. No civilized society needs all of these peasants coming from third world nations. They are nothing more than a burden and trouble that is eventually going to happen.


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  • Theron

    What a bunch of pussies