(Watch) Mass “Swamp Gas” Sighting Has This Entire State Gripped With Doubt


Mountains, high scrub desert… not a whole lot of swamp or marsh, though.  This video showcases the mass UFO sighting of 3 orbs over Breckenridge, Colorado earlier this year.  It certainly does NOT look like swamp gas to me… so what is the government hiding?

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  • Philip Marsala

    This current world is so screwed up, that anything is possible, even from outer space.

  • HumanBeeing

    It’s JEEBUS!!! Jeebus is comin to take me home!! Praise Jeebus!

    Git your souls in order, coz we’ll soon be floatin up to the Lord.

    “And the Lord thy God said ‘I shall summon thee on the day of days when all mankind shall shudder and weep and the oceans shall boil and the land shall shake and the sky shall be as fire and Paradise shall be within thy grasp as a succulent fruit plucked from a tree.’ and it shall be so. And then darkness fell upon the face of the Earth. Prepare thyself. Prepare.”