(Watch) Man Shows 20 Rapeuges Sneaking Onto His Property Why They Call Him “The Destroyer!”


The Muslim invasion of Europe has intensified to the point to where much of life there become strikingly similar to the wild wild West of the old days of America. There is no law, unless you’re a legal citizen, and then you have to obey them all. But expecting the ‘rapeugees’ to obey laws? Well, that’s racist, xenophoic, Islamaphobic, or whatever fancy term the libs have for it these days.

Mad World News recently ran a story on 20 ‘rapeugees’ who thought they’d run a man off of his own land and set up their own little third world squatter’s village. This is what they encountered:

Dinko “The Destroyer” Valev is a Bulgarian strongman who lives out in the country on the Bulgarian-Turkish border town of Yambol. Because he spends much of his time racing around his acreage on a four-wheeler, he’s been extremely successful in preventing his land from being a bridge to the European dream for savage illegals.

According to Bulgarian TV News Online, Valev is well-known by the authorities, having acted as a one-man border patrol for the area against illegal immigration. When he saw a large group of Muslims trespassing on his property Wednesday, it was the perfect opportunity to show them why he’s feared among law-breakers.

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