(Watch) Jade Helm Insider Spills His Guts!


Finally!  Some real news!  This guy lays it all out there.  No kidding… you HAVE to watch this if you want to know what’s going on.

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  • Lita Burnett Campbell

    From his understanding? It’s my understanding, that our government dose not know how to tell the truth. They are slowly stripping our rights away and most are too stupid to notice. My generation seems to be nothing more than a bunch of cowards. The generation (s) under me are worthless zombies who stares at gadgets for hours on end. I love America but I do pity it. Our foundation has been broken and it’s just a matter of time before it crumbles.

    • cahonaz

      True, but those of us who have been around a few decades have seen the changes and have something with which to compare to. The upcoming generations will think what they see today is normal so it is up to us to educate, motivate and activate ; )

      • Steven Wedig

        odds are VERY high it will be those of us at a minimum mid 30s and more up…45-50s and up become more dangerous

    • Sharon Hayden

      i agree. they won’t notice until they have no food in their bellies and the reality of it all manifests.

  • Pirinno

    Based on the ATTACKS of our fundamental RIGHTS that are GUARANTEED by the U.S. constitution, and the continuous flow of lies coming from the government, we are in for a really bad time and it’s coming sooner that most think, (if they think at all)
    1. States and regions of states that are considered primarily conservative/constitution protecting are amazingly considered “hostile”.
    2. Military vehicles both U.S. and foreign are being found in remote areas of the region in the states considered “hostile”.
    3. Massive cache’s of fema style coffins have been found, along with fema camps.
    4. Old prisons are now being manned and guarded against the curious.
    5. Live anthrax being shipped across the U.S. “by accident” AND to the “wrong facilities”.
    6. MSM IGNORES these facts and focuses on the perversion of former olympians and a family only made famous because of their decadent lifestyles.
    7. Telco’s making GPS on mobile devices all but impossible to disable……. and the list goes on……

    It’s coming people, hope you know how to survive without food coming from a store.

  • Sharon Hayden

    why hasn’t the truth about jade helm come out yet? someone, somewhere has to know by being a friend of a friend of a relative that knows…i’ve heard a few different stories, preparing for an asteroid, that they are gonna overthrow the govt., war, gun confiscation and roundup of dissedents, patriots and christians for fema camps, coming economic collapse, ushering in of owo (going to combine mex. us and canada and have completely open borders) all of the above? i guess time will tell.

    • Wiliam Deitrick

      It’s already happened. You think we are free but actually we are all just living in a giant FEMA compound. As soon as they stop poisoning our water we will be able to see we are all prisoners. There is no water shortage here in CA – thsy have just shut it off so they can more easily poison all of us. N CA already paranoid and crazy so no problem there. Our only hope is for Obama to make an Executive Order making himself President for life. (TPFIC)

      • Bob Scheett

        What kind of idiot are you? Obama President for life? You sir are indeed a moron.

  • graigtalk

    Bottom line is they don’t need this kind of training for some overseas operation. They already have excellent facilities for that, and have been using them for years. This has to be far more involved. We always trained to the enemy we were going to fight. Who is the enemy they are training for on our streets?

  • buuda1971 .

    they have never trained on public street for a war before….really think its just training?…LMFAO

  • retired Don

    nope, covert operatives are going to tell you what you want to hear, that’s part of how they can get away with their sneakiness, why would FEMA, DHS,FBI, police, and other US government agencies be “practicing” house intrusion tactics for Iran when, 1, it is not in their jurisdiction, and 2 it is what the military has been doing for the last few decades, especially the last decade…and why would the government lease walmart stores and have the police guard them and arrest people for trespassing when according to walmart policies is that their parking lots are open for people to stop in and sleep to avoid traffic accidents…and the bunny blue ice cream trucks get eased as “mock” portable morgues…this FBI “confession” is false…

  • donwalk

    What a crock of B.S. We have been in constant conflict or war with the Middle East for the past twenty-five years. Now, all of a sudden our Military has to move billions in equipment and thousands of troops to train for more conflict and war? We didn’t have this much activity before the first Iraq Invasion, or the 2nd Iraq Invasion, or the War with Afghanistan.
    “consciouslyenlightened.com” should be embarrassed posting something like this and expecting readers fall for it!