(Watch) Iran Ayatollah Holds Nuremburg-Like Rally; Reveals Plan For Genocide Against…


Not too long after Obama’s historic nuclear arms deal with Iran, the religious head of Iran, the Ayatollah Khamenei, declared it to be a great victory for Iran and that relations with the U.S. and Britain would not change because of the deal.  Attendees of the speech shouted in unison, “Death to America” and “Death to Britain” in a spectacle that was eerily similar to Nazi rallies held in Nuremburg prior to World War II.

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  • Shamu

    Is he NAIVE or DELIBERATE?? I cannot tell. Either way he is dangerous.

  • Ben George

    They are both, U.S. President, & Ayatollah Khamenei are Puppets of Satan. They are working together to bring about the Prophecies. They cannot hinder God’s plan for the World. They are just facilitating and enhancing God’s plan. Satan and his cohorts are not some kind of Formidable contender when it come to God’s point of view. Praise Jah U Peoples! Cheers!