(Watch) How To Keep Disgusting Third World Peasants From Pi$$ing In The Streets

pissing in the street

When it comes to immigration of people from third world countries into the U.S., most of the American public is clueless to the real downfalls that we face as an advanced, civilized nation, because most Americans have never been out of the U.S. Of the very small percentage that have, very few of them have ever visited a third world country. You see, third worldness is a mindset. Sure, the people there will play up on your ‘white guilt’ or ‘western guilt’ and convince you that they are only poor because their ‘Government is corrupt.’ Of course they are corrupt. It’s Government. And we know that no Government is more corrupt than the U.S. Government. As I like to tell third world peasants in my personal travels, “Your Government steals from your people. My Government (the U.S. Government) steals from all the people of the world.

Fortunately, some among the younger generations and upper classes of third world shit holes like India, The Philippines and even Mexico are sick of their people living more like stray animals that human beings, especially when it comes to pissing in the streets. For example, even if you get up with the sun in countries such as India and the Philippines to go jogging before the pollution level gets too high due to the exhaust from the outdated public transportation vehicles, the sheer, pungent smell of urine will gag you and cause you to throw up any pre-jog meal you might have eaten. Trust me. I’ve experienced it.

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These Indians (dot, not feather) have figured out a really good way to deal with their peasants pissing in the streets.

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