(Watch) Here’s Why The Media Hid Baton Rouge Shooters Identity For So Long


The media has a big pile of poo sitting in their laps right now. The agenda they’ve tried to push since the 1960’s, the time during which President Lyndon B. Johnson secured the black vote for the next 200 years, just as he said he would (even though he used the N word in making his promise), is blowing up in their collective faces.

You know, it’s really hard for a person, or a group of people, to look like a victim or victims when they’re actively committing the majority of the crimes they’re lamented as to having afflicted upon them. Thank God for social media and cellphone cameras everywhere, because now the truth cannot be hidden. The story cannot be twisted.

Recently, a black racist and radical Muslim, who belongs to TWO terror organizations- Black Lives Matter AND the Nation of Islam- went on a cop killing spree in Louisiana. The media, knowing this sick bastard’s I.D., continued to hide his identity from the world, because he was both black and a Muslim, and this contrasts so sharply against their agenda that blacks and Muslims are victims of the white man.

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