(Watch) HAARP Weaponized! Military Uses New Weapon To Keep Citizens Contained


The High (Frequency) Active Auroral Research Program was designed to study energy entering our atmosphere from outer space.  However, the more we look into this top-secret project, the more we find that it is not what it has been billed to be.  The longer this thing drags on, the more precise the effects become.  For more information, look here, here, and here.

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  • The Infidel

    Hopefully you fools that believe these 2 websites will wake up. They do nothing but spout rediculous conspiracy theories, photoshop pictures, lie, etc..

    • Michael Pedicini

      what is dangerous is the right wing lunitics beleive every word

      • The Infidel

        There are nutbags on both sides of the fuselage, azzeyes!

  • Bonita Destiny Freedom

    It is called DENIAL …Look up!!! I see this $hit and have dozens of pics of them sometimes there is awful odor also…