(Watch) Gun-trucks As Far As The Eye Can See In This U.S. City! But Why?


There is nothing but army trucks and equipment in this video, taken just south of Richmond, Virginia, for as far as they eye can see. But the question is, “why?”

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  • Tom LaLumiere

    Sorry, but there is nothing south of Richmond, Virginia that resembles that terrain. I live in Virginia and have traveled through and around Richmond many times. That photo looks more like Kuwait or some other area of South West Asia.

  • George Snider

    Why did you use a photograph from Kuwait in this article on Jade Helm?

  • Thelma Hendrix

    This picture was not took in America…This site lies

  • Mike McLaughlin

    Why aren’t we reading/hearing about this in the Zionist controlled MSM?

  • Kristin T.

    If you are going to post stuff, at least fact check it and see if it is legit before you slap it up here and scream military build up. Everything on this page can be debunked as BS in about two seconds.

  • Aliendancer

    This is not south of Richmond Va. The top picture is definitely Kuwait. Get you lies and conspiracies straight before posting nonsense to your starry eyed tin foil hat wearing followers.

  • Wow !! Obamas martial law Military!!

  • MandyS97

    OMG thats the city where Patriot John Adams is from!

  • Kevin Owens

    I call BS..Why would Virgina fly Kuwait Flags from the light posts?

  • Stan

    These armored vehicles are not in Virginia. That photo was taken in Kuwait on the day the invasion started for Gulf War one.
    The flags flying in the background are Kuwaiti.


    Look closer — this photo was taken in 2011. Notice the Kuwait Flag over on the pole on the right?? Sooooo…. tell me…. why is the article calling it “in a U.S. city”?? Since it is OBVIOUSLY in Kuwait?? Does the writer think that people are too stupid to know what a Kuwait Flag looks like?? Sheesh!!

  • [email protected]

    Stupid follows stupid!