(Watch) Guess What Was Just Delivered To This Walmart? You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!


They won’t fit on the shelves, I guarantee it.  I’ll admit it… I pee’d just a little bit when I saw this.  You got it, folks… the BIG TIME.  Still think these stores are closed for “plumbing problems”… I think I would prefer it if they were closed to punish unruly employees.  This is SOOO much worse.  For more on this topic, look here.

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  • Natalie Dickson Black

    Tim Tucker- the store is empty. What is there to loot? What employees need.protecting?

  • Powderman

    OK, folks. Point 1: The two vehicles on the trucks are USMC LAV’s, in shipping configuration. They are being transported, NOT offloaded. 2: The tank is a Russian T72. It is all spiffed up as a display vehicle. Lose the tinfoil, people.

    • Come on now, logic, truth, and common sense don’t work around here. You should know that by now.

  • Jim Hull

    unless i’m looking for a TANK, i won’t be shopping at walmart again.

  • Smilin’ Jack

    War-Mart is selling tanks, now? I noticed that there are no insignia on the tank.

  • Christopher Smith

    the female doing the commenting is not making any sense & the images are cut from several clips… Sounds like another spin story.. trying to create a scare monger tactic..