(Watch) Guess What China Is Poised To Demand In Return For Debt Payment?


Did you know that going back to the 90’s the U.S. Government in their infinite wisdom (yeah right! LMAO) granted foreigners special permissions in regard to NOT having to follow the same business and tax laws as Americans? Basically, they can practice business here, tax exempt for three years, according to how things are done in THEIR countries! No other country on earth does this! Most countries will not allow foreigners to even own businesses or homes on their soil!

We are slowly cutting our own throats, and we’re about to bleed out!

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  • Mfirebrand1

    I used to tell people this but they wouldn’t believe me.

  • Miss.Bridget

    For your interest….

    China holds officially $1.1 trillion in U.S.-government debt instruments, which comes up to $2 trillion if you include nongovernmental securities and Chinese purchases through other jurisdictions. The reason why Beijing has purchased so much U.S. debt is not benign. It’s the result of China’s policy to encourage exports by holding down the value of its currency, the yuan.

    It is all to do with Futures and things. The Chinese realize as with oil there is going to be a huge shortage of paper in the future.

    With the destruction of the land desecrated by the mining of Shale oil and the deforestation of land due to the planting of ethanol producing plants American Debt which has no real monetary value does have value as a recyclable paper product of 18,000,000 tons and is going to be worth a lot of money in the future.

    It appears only my Dad and I can also see what China is up to but unfortunately we cannot get in on this mammoth money making scheme because it will take up all our savings.

    After the deforestation of much of Australia’s forests and turning them into wood-chips to fuel China’s power stations China then saw the opportunity of buying trillions of Dollars of America paper debt as an alternative product for fueling their power stations when the coal runs out, as opposed to buying America’s recyclable plastic bottles cardboard, Polystyrene and Australian wood-chips and I have no doubt they will profit handsomely in the future as a result of their foresight

    As an afterthought America’s total debt in weight in Dollar bills each weighing close to one gram would equal the weight of 180 Nimitzes. ….now that what I call REAL DEBT not a Pissy debt owed by Greece…Just saying.

  • mac

    half of the stuff this site posts are crap.

    • Matthias Stanley

      Which means half is true?

      • Matthias Stanley

        Not that I, a smart American, won’t research the info for truth

    • 2broke4 her

      the other half of the Crap is, how much of HSBC “Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation”, does U.S. consumers owe .. and how many case of criminal investigations it had..