(Watch) Female Soldier Collapses During Ruck March- Watch How Her Male Counterparts Treat Her!

female soldier collapses

Only a few short years ago, it was determined by the Department of Defense, that females could enter combat arms roles in the military, such as infantry, armor and cavalry.

Many people are still on the fence in regard to whether this is right or wrong, but one thing is for sure, as can be witnessed in the video below, as far as the troops are concerned, once that uniform is put on, they all bleed green, they all have the same enemy, and they all depend on each other to carry the fight to that enemy.

Watch the inspirational moment when a female captain in the Army collapses at the end of a nearly three hours long ruck march. She refuses to give up, and just as importantly, her male comrades refuse to allow her to give up.

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  • Although I am old fashioned and don’t believe women should be in combat positions, this did bring a tear to this old Vets eyes! I have been where the female soldier is at, giving it all my best to finish my mission, and blessed to have my fellow Brother in Arms encourage me to keep going on and not give up! I served when the only women were officers and all older, course, I was only 17, so a 30 year old was old to me, lol! Served from 1968-1972, left the military for two years, reenlisted, and was shocked when I got off the bus at Ft Jackson, NC reception station and there were women everywhere! I am all for women serving, but not for combat missions!