(Watch) Evil Public School Teacher Knocks Down Special Needs Boy For Fun!


Several years ago, my husband and I decided to pull our children out of the public school system. We were seeing too much time spent on disciplining kids from families who obviously were not disciplined at home, and teachers more interested in the three months summer vacation than actually being productive. Every time I see a story like this, I realize that was the best decision we ever made for our kids.

CBS News reports:

A Georgia teacher has resigned after surveillance video appears to show her knocking a special needs student to the floor in a school hallway.

WALB-TV reports the incident happened at the Tift County Pre-K Center in Tifton on March 17.

The child’s mother, Sarah Patterson, tells the station that the teacher thrust her knee into the little boy’s back, causing him to fall forward near a classroom door.

Tift County school officials say the boy was not hurt. Schools spokeswoman Stacey Beckham said Amelia Stripling, a teacher for 22 years, resigned the next day. She says an eyewitness said it appeared she intentionally pushed the child.

There was no answer Friday at a Tifton phone number listed under Stripling’s name.

Tifton is about 200 miles south of Atlanta.

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  • Mary

    Parenting classes should be required by law by time child is two and continuing monthly until child is 5….then again once child is 9 until 13……then children might respect their elders and not be the ungrateful brats they often are now…..many parents do not have a clue about raising children and don’t bother to educate themselves. The easy route is to let children rule…..to the great detriment of society…these children grow up thinking they are owed everything and often have no manners as well.