(Watch) Drunk Spoiled Rich Kid Tests Bouncer- Gets The Affluenza Knocked Out Of Him!

drunk rich kid

You’ve all no doubt been disgusted with the “Affluenza teen” story from that rich pri*k out of Texas. You know, the one who MURDERED four people beside the road when he was tanked up, drunk, and driving down the road and hit them while they were broken down on the roadside?

He was only 16, and his maggot lawyer actually got him off because he was so rich, he had an issue with being disconnected from reality? That was the defense they plead and the judge and jury bought it?

Then, be violated his probation by running off to Mexico with his white trash with money mother? Oh, and by the way, they’re broke now. Too bad.

Anyway, this Affluenza suffering pri*k tries test test a bouncer, threatening that a law suit from his rich daddy will be enough for the bouncer to keep his hands off of him.

The bouncer proves him wrong and knocks the Affluenza plum out of him!

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