[Watch] Donald Trump: “It’s Time To Do Something About The MUSLIM Problem In America!!”


For those who have been wondering about Trump’s position on Islam, he takes no prisoners when he addresses the issue, even mentioning the fact that there is whole lot of “hate in the quran.”

By Dylan


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  • Kat

    There IS a lot of hate in the Quran. Read it and you will be shocked!

  • Balla Touba

    Muslims are very clean human being,islamic teachs only peace and love in this univers

    • Monika Bingham

      oh God i am trowing up, i did not know that people like this.still are a life.

    • Roger Long

      Is that what you call clean, wiping your ass with you hand? Is that why you are told in the Koran, make no friends with the infidels, kill them? My God, Jehovah, if you will, is a loving God, to love your neighbor as you would love yourself. Personally Bella, I think you’re full of shit.