(Watch) Donald Trump Inundated With Americans Volunteering To Build The Wall Without Pay!

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One of the reasons Donald Trump has surged ahead in the polls in all categories is because he’s addressing one of the biggest issues that faces our nation in a pure and simple, blunt force way that’s got everyone not only happy, but willing to jump in and lend a hand.


Trump, as we know, is going to build a wall along our southern border with third world nation Mexico, to keep the disgusting, putrid, diseased illegal criminals and rapists out of our clean, advanced, wonderful nation. Many naysayers claim it can’t be done. It’s too much work. However, Trump is getting inundated with volunteers everywhere he goes. Here’s just one recent example.

If you would be interested in helping build the wall, follow the Facebook page “Trump Wall” by clicking on this blue sentence. Updates on what you can do to help will be forthcoming.

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