(Watch) Disappearing Ghost Car Proof Of Teleportation?

ghost car

There are only two ways to explain this. The car was either a ghost, or teleportation is real. Police never found this car or its operator after the mysterious events of this uber-creepy night.

An entire one hour television show was done on this incident. The best anyone could figure out, was that the car went through the fence, but when investigators got out and checked the fence, it was solidly nailed to the posts and there was no damage done to it. WTF?

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  • Brian

    That’s so stupid. Chain link fence stretches like spandex. Car got it’s paint damaged as it went under it.

  • jim

    saw this years ago
    they found that the fence was not secure at the bottom
    the car drove under the fence and then the fence fell back into place before the cops could see it

  • Boyd

    Lol, pretty simple… The car hit the fence broke the Lil clips that hold the fence to the post. The car slipped right under the fence and returned to it’s former position. Thus looking like a magic trick.. If the cop would have followed he probably would have went right under also..

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  • Dennis Wall

    Yes… Knowledge is Power! And I know this… The “Ghost Car” is B.S.! The fence was not secured at the bottom & the driver knew it. He drove right through it because there was little or no resistance.
    That’s why you could still see his tail lights!

  • Dennis Wall

    Knowledge is Power! And I know this. The “Ghost Car” is B.S.! The fence was not secured at the bottom. And the driver knew it! .So he just drove right through it because there was little or no resistance! That’s why you could still see his tail lights!

  • Rick Stevenson

    He went under the fence, you gullible idiots.

    • Albert Palmieri

      Why didn’t the police just do the same thing and go under the fence like you say? Gullible idiot!

      • Rick Stevenson

        Because the police didn’t realize that’s what happened? Perhaps they felt it would be considered unnecessarily damaging private property? I don’t know, because I wasn’t there and I can’t attribute motive. But he clearly went under the fence. That part isn’t a mystery, and you’re a tool for calling me gullible when you clearly don’t even know what that word means.

        • Jay Layland

          Have you ever hit a chain link fence? I have. If the car went under it the fence wouldn’t be standing up straight. It would be starched out at the very least

          • Rick Stevenson

            Dude, it was already proven possible. Google it.

          • ben

            I Googled it too and they didn’t prove anything

    • ben

      Not possible he would have took the fence with him you idiot

      • Rick Stevenson

        Not if the chain link wasn’t attached the posts near the bottom. Seriously, use your damned brain.

        • ben

          Don’t try to insult me you fucking inbreed

          • Rick Stevenson

            Well, I didn’t insult you before, but you’re since you brought it up, you’re kind of a moron. Also, fuck me, do you only get to use the computer once a month? Do mommy and daddy not allow you to go online? Or did it just take you that long to come up with a response? I know you thought that was witty, but damn… I almost feel sorry for you.

          • ben

            You’re still an inbreed

  • Mac Sterling

    He hit 88 miles per hour !!!!

  • Miss.Bridget

    I sometimes wonder why I watch this stuff

  • ben

    He didn’t go under the fence he would have took the fence with him

  • rebelmountainman

    Oh bull shit the car ran over the chain linked fence and then the fence bounced back up, thats all that happened. Teleportation my ass