(Watch) Daredevil Jumps 131′ Off “Eighth Wonder Of The World” And Has A Near Miss!!



If you’re afraid of heights, you may want to skip this video!  If you’re not, it’ll blow your mind, drop your jaw and stop your heart!  Nick Coulter, cliff jumper and daredevil, makes a 131′ jump off Burney Falls in northern California, that President Theodore Roosevelt described as being the Eighth Wonder of the World!

Says Coulter:  “Very special edit to me featuring a personal record 75 ft backflip and a new straight jump record of 131 ft. Quite the clearance to leap over as I landed maybe 4 feet away from the waterfall. A little too close for comfort, but overall the jump was well thought out. Found a ledge with solid footing needed for the leap of faith. Also wore a wetsuit and life jacket for extra buoyancy as a safety precaution.  Incredible drone footage by Nick Freed (@n_freed).”

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