(Watch) Britney Spears Posts INSANE Bikini Video “For All the Haters”


American society has gone absolutely insane! We’re told that there’s nothing wrong with someone with a penis using the ladies restroom in public, mass murderers who call 911 to pledge their allegiance to ISIS while killing 49 non-Muslims in the name of Allah are NOT radical Islamic terrorists, and we’re told that if you are a man, and you are attracted to beautiful, sexy, petite women, you’re some kind of sicko with a pedophilia fetish. You are told, instead, by a liberal, out of touch with reality media machine that you should be attracted to disgustingly obese fatties who are heart attacks waiting to happen.

We hear a lot about ‘fat shaming,’ but in reality, we’ve gone through a transition in American culture where we’re now seeing ‘hot, sexy, and beautiful shaming.’

The media is bombarding us with nasty fatties in all sorts of skimpy attire, and telling us it’s a “body positive” thing, and that how dare we (especially males) find only women who not at least 50 pounds overweight attractive.

Pop sensation Britney Spears has fought the ‘body positive’ brainwashing machine for years and she’s still doing so. At 34 years old, and after having children, she is proof that if you care enough about yourself and your partner, you’ll bust your ass working out daily, eating right, and remaining sexy and healthy, and not have to revert to the latest liberal mind controlling mechanism of the ‘body positive’ movement, laidened heavily with “think speak” tactics right out of Orwell’s 1984 to lie to yourself about feeling good about yourself, when you’re really considering ending the whole damn thing on a regular basis.


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