(Watch) Arrogant Foreign Pri*k Runs Over NYPD Officer’s Foot In Ferrari To Avoid Ticket- Gets Slammed!

prick foot

For those who have never traveled to third world countries, it is hard to understand the mindset of the people, and why they pose such a danger to our way of life here in the U.S. Sure, the peasants are the most annoying among third world rabble, always begging and being racist (all Westerners are rich and should just give us money, etc., they believe and will constantly berate you), but the wealthy people of third world nations are no better. They are little more than rabble with money. They have no more respect for life, authority or rules than the peasants they look down upon. This can be seen in this video, where a foreigner from a third world nation- looks Middle Eastern to me- thinks he can just do what he wants in the face of authority, because he obviously has money.

Welcome to America, Hussein! The NYPD don’t play that game!

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