(Watch) Army Vet Catches Jade Helm Trucks Delivering Heavy Equipment To The Ozarks!


From the Army Veterans own description:

Via a private message the the Facebook page Operation Jade Helm And Beyond

Hey guys, I’m a prior SSG in the Army. 2001-2007 96R and 2007-2013 88L I moved my family into the Ozark Mountains to get away from people. Nearest military installation is 3 hours away. We are deep in the mountains with narrow roads and thick forests. We just turned off our road from our house and 12 or more HETT’s (Heavy Equipment Tractor Trailers) we driving by. My wife was able to catch the last 6 or so of them. Nobody knows why they came through. The roads are not designed for trucks like these to pass through. Also, the trucks were obviously headed to pick up a load. These trucks are designed to carry tanks, Bradley’s, M113’s… Any heavy piece of equipment with armor yet they were in Cherokee Village Arkansas.

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  • and you wonder why and how the government sent anthrax to 9 different places,-on accident?

  • David

    As an 88M myself those are not hetts, they are M915’s and they are not made for tanks. They can carry APC’s but not tanks.

  • [email protected]

    First off you whack job supposed SSG…those are not HETT’S they are the M915A5 they are nothing more than the civilian version of a semi truck stripped down of nearly all creature comforts and have “armor ” on them from the factory. I should know my former unit was one of the first to get them.