(Watch) Another Walmart Abandoned And Barbed Wired To Join Jade Helm!


Add Cincinatti, Ohio to the list. Thank you DAHBOO77 for getting this footage!

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  • Gary Ballard

    Always update status

  • Tracey

    What is the address for this walmart?
    Is there a new one built? Because there is an open Walmart in Springdale.

  • charles

    Come on guys… I live in this area. Walmart has not been in this building for several years. Barb wire was added while they were in business because of break ins. it’s not in a good neighbor hood. the building was recently occupied by another home store for the past 5 plus years until they moved this past year. this shopping center is extremely large with another business behind/attached to it (occupied) including a dave and busters, on the front side it’s attached to a david’s bridal and guitar center… the security guard monitors the who strip including sams club which is still there!!! Not a conspiracy! I can understand how the barb wire would throw someone off, but if you knew how bad the previous walmart was (due to sketchy customers) you would know why they re-located!

  • Great