(Watch) Angry American Slams Univision Reporter In Hallway After Trump Kicked Him Out!


“Get out of my country!” the man told Ramos in the hall, after Trump had him ejected from a press conference where he certainly acted like a third world peasant- no discipline, no respect for order or rules. There’s a reason those dumps have trash all over the streets and stink like urine. People drop their trash to the ground wherever they are when they’re done with it, and adult males urinate in public because they’re too lazy to walk into a public facility and use the restroom. Third world is as third world does, and it’s awesome to finally have someone running for President who isn’t afraid to call this evil spade a spade. People, you do NOT want a third world America, and we’re on our way to being there by letting all these uncivilized peasants stay here when they come in illegally.

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  • rumennek

    All they want is to change America into the hell hole they came from