(Watch) Angels Fairies Ghosts and Demons All Caught On Deer Cams

deer cam monsters

Deer hunters often set up deer cams at their deer stands to capture images of the night’s activity. Deer are nocturnal creatures, and the big monster bucks, especially, only feed at night, under the safety of the cover of darkness.

However, as can be seen by this collection of deer cam images, sometimes monster bucks aren’t the only monsters coming in to the bait piles in the wee hours of the morning.

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  • Billy Squire


  • These are some scary pics.. very interesting though… that skinwalking thing is horrifying!!! Don’t ever wanna run into anyone of these things…

  • Nicole Lincoln

    The skin walker Is fake they took it from xtro the movie. Look it up if you don’t believe me they just made it black and white . If you look close to the details in the trees and the road in both you can see it.

  • charles cain

    i have thousand of game pictures of ghost and orbs

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  • Everything shown was photoshopped. The only thing that was real was the little girl. Everything else was fake. It was debunked on a show not to long ago. But think about it. All those pics came from one person and one camera. Nice try but all fake.

    • The pics are from Cameras all over the US and Canada, taken years apart. Not “one person and one camera”. I have no idea if any are real or not but, clearly, you have no idea what you are even trying to talk about.

    • Ashley Toni Gerspach

      the last pic was out of a video game lol

  • dan tripper

    The deer is actually looking at one