(Watch) Abusive TSA Saw Her Coming; Vowed To Make Her Miss Plane For Knowing THEIR Rules


All she was doing was exercising her rights.  This TSA Inspection team knew this woman would be a problem because she had passed through their station before.  She thought she would give them a taste of their own medicine, but as you will see, the heavy hand and iron boot trump her paper booklet… perhaps next time she will put it in those little vials.

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  • Lonnie Allen

    This is a clear case of harassment of a American citizen. Why can’t she file a lawsuit against this type of tsa harassment? They were clearly stalling her to make her miss her flight. Clearly a case of harassment.

  • Ronald Winneberger

    Those pot belly idiots need to be fired!

    • John Haws

      Potbelly doesn’t cover it. That one woman has another whole person under there. How in the hell does someone like that get a job like that?

      • ShootsAlongWay

        She is the “Model”, Federal Employee.

    • Jeff Bridges

      That’s right. Since TSA has a 96% failure rate at detecting threats to aviation, I would rather take my chances and have no security rather than giving up civil liberties for a false sense of security.

  • charleyhog

    the entire tsa agents including the manager should be fired and the woman should file harassment charges against each one of them they won’t screw with those who are wearing muslim garb they will cry racial and religious discrimination
    what if she didn’t have to go to the rest room? i wonder if they would have made her piss in her pants too!!

  • John Burleson

    Ah, the one thing I’m not seeing throughout this whole episode is…A BABY. TSA hamsters are minimum-wage workers incapable of getting a real job. They constantly flunk gun and explosives tests and probably challenge terrorists because they even exist. The woman probably did have a legitimate complaint, but the lack of a baby in this discussion would raise my eyebrows, too. And I stayed at a Holiday Inn.

  • Paul Higley

    No, they don’t need to be fired. Every one of the TSA goons that took part in that sad kabuki show needs to have 40 citizens assigned to follow their every move, every day. Harass the swine at home, at church, at the store, at their children’s school. Make their lives horrible. If we can harass them enough perhaps they will become depressed enough and slit their own wrists. I have had enough of not only the TSA but the
    FBI and every bureaucratic pig person in the government. Hang every last one of the pieces of shit.

  • Scooter Tramp

    ovomit’s gestapo

  • Kenneth Schoonover

    Obvious harassment! The woman made a reasonable request, but the TSA agents kept arguing with her. It’s clear that they wanted her to miss her flight. So much for the “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you” garbage.

  • rainbowdash

    There is a missing element to this story… The baby. It’s obviously not with her, so why does she need to bring her milk? Yes I agree these TSA agents were being jerks, however it is a little suspicious.

    • rainbowdash

      Okay, I just finished watching.. So she was going home to her baby, and that milk was to be dinner that eve. hmmm

      • Freddy Merks

        Many mother pump during the work day here to take home to waiting babies. Not unusual especially to those mother who may not produce an abundance of child healing nourishment.

  • Freddy Merks

    Thugs Standing Around…they gave this bunch too much control. They have stopped ZERO terrorist attacks, they cannot pass a security back ground or physical to get a real airline job. They are not even allowed into the sterile area they supposedly protect. They have no weapons because they cannot pass a simple security guards carry ordinance. As you can see they are bitter overpaid overweight thugs.

  • Freddy Merks

    Has that bastard in the tie been fired yet? TSA needs to be disbanded shortly after Department of Education and the IR S

  • Freddy Merks

    The TSA steals plays with peoples stuff and tosses their bread around. Eats part of the food in their bag and steals their drugs. Plays with their sex toys and sniff their underwear. DO NOT put anything you want to keep in your checked bags. It is not the airlines stealing they passed criminal background checks and are printed. It is TSA who selected your luggage “for special inspection”

  • Al Parsons

    TSA not following their own regulations? Why not! Obozo has been doing that for almost 8 years and it is creeping through ALL government agencies!

  • Vinita Thonen

    An absolute abuse of authority. They are one of the most useless agencies in the government alphabet soup. Have the ever caught a terrorist? Have they done anything but make flying a miserable experience? They hire people who evidently have no qualifications for any other job, most likely no education to speak of, and give them a little authority, and it goes right to their little heads, and makes them think they know something. They obviously didn’t know their own regulations. Hope she gets a shark of a lawyer, and educates them. And she should get the rest of the tape.That is pure middle school petty bullying.

  • This is what happens when government agencies hire people that were lucky to get through High School and gives them a job where they need to wear a tie……this TSA manager is a fu**ing moron and should be sweeping floors instead of being given any job having any authority……

  • Pontious Pirate

    look at all those minimum wage dumb stupid fat fucks

  • Larry Nicholas

    i truely hope everyone of these fat asses get fired

  • Max Jones

    Uh……..where is the baby????????

    • James Belala

      at home like she told them …..

  • Helen Hvasta

    This is beyond harassment… THIS IS DOWN RIGHT ABUSE! MENTAL ANGUISH AND PHYSICAL ABUSE!!! BOTH TO THE MOTHER AND DENYING THE INFANT OF HIS TIME OF FEEDING. She should write to the Representative heading FAATSA and cite her claim…and a copy to the airline she was traveling on and missed her flite….most likely lost her refund.

  • Chuck Robey

    I smell a Major Federal Lawsuit coming

    • James Belala

      And, a appearance before the U.S. Congress …..

  • James Belala


  • James Taylor

    ive read some of these opinionated comments and I got to tell you, you people are BLIND! she has a seven month old baby at home and needs to be fed, but she had to pump the milk out before getting on a plane knowing damn well the tsa cant put it thru the x-ray machine, not to mention the trouble they gave her to start with? why would she do this? drug dealers/smugglers come in all shapes and sizes and use every excuse imaginable to get away with it. why was the breast milk so important when she didn’t even have a baby with her? because there were drugs in it… plain and simple and if she got caught she knows she would never see the kid again!

  • Sue Boclair

    Every single one of these TSA Agents needs to be fired! How dare they do that to this woman! It is a clear case of harassment, they wanted to show her they had the power and she’d better do what they say or else! I’m not a fan of “bogus” lawsuits but I hope she sues the airline and each individual person that bullied her.