(Watch) 3 Thugs Attempt To Rob Eatery Not Realizing Female Patron Is A Ninja!

karate girl

So three thugs walk into an eatery to rob the place, and none of them walk out. They get carried out on a stretcher, because little did they realize, one of the patrons, a tiny little female patron at that, was a ninja.

Okay, she may not be an actual ninja, but she’s obviously a karate expert and she hands them their worthless, welfare, non-working asses.

This video compilation includes a few other scenes where some dirt-bag coward men tried to lay their hands on women and got their asses handed to them. Oh, and if you’re a Muslim and think it’s okay to put your hands on women in a violent fashion per your culture, and this last statement offends you, too bad. If you’ve got balls, use the men’s room and NEVER lay hands on a lady!

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