(Watch) 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Believe Anything On The Internet

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What amazes me, is not how much fake information is on the internet, but how many people actually buy it. I mean, people really depend upon social networking sites as credible news sources? Really? With this in mind, I bring you ten reasons, via pictures, why people shouldn’t believe everything they see on the internet, and one really amazing video showing how you can create a smoking hot woman out of a piece of pizza if you know how to use photoshop good enough.

Remember this: “People who read tabloids deserve to be lied to.” Can we say anything differently about folks who go to Facebook for news, love and friendship?

lies 2

Yeah, right! Nice beach!

lie 3

Says his baby caught him sleeping, but there’s his hand with the phone in the background. Narcissist!

lie 4

Face like an angel, body like a Jenny Craig campaign commercial.

lie 5

Not the breasts, but the one who suckles them.

lie 6

Now we do know that this is true. LOL

lie 7

Dude. Do you even lift?

lie 8

Above: Iranian missile test, attempting to make it appear that they have more munitions than they actually do.

lie 9

It’s all well and good, girl, until you hop into the shower.

lie 10

Sorry to ruin the wet dream of tweens everywhere.

And now, for the finale!

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