Was The FAA’s “Malfunction” Another Drill For Martial Law??


Not sure why, but I’ve never thought of airports being used as detainment centers.  After all, they are large enough to hold tens of thousands of people.  Plus, they come already equipped with security.

Mass confusion seemed to be the common denominator on Saturday as hundreds of flights throughout the country were delayed or canceled due to a problem with the system that processes flight plans at the Washington air-traffic control center in Leesburg, VA, as reported by the Washington Post.

Outwardly, it appears that the Feds have no idea what happened:  “A major malfunction in the system”, “The FAA said it was not immediately able to determine what caused the problem”, “The FAA is continuing it’s analysis…”, “Federal authorities said there was no indication that hackers had breached the system”.

The “major malfunction” in the system impacted flights in and out of 160,000 square miles of airspace with Washington D.C. being at the center.  Major airports along the east coast were the most heavily impacted and passengers are saying no information had been relayed to them.


Ilya Lozovsky, who was delayed at Dulles said “The airline was saying, ‘It’s not our fault, it’s the airport,’ and the airport said, ‘It’s not our fault, it’s the FAA,’ but you go to their Twitter account and they [FAA officials] haven’t said anything about it,”

Another passenger, Leslie Aun, who was delayed in Chicago said “The gate guy finally stood up and really talked to us and told us about what happened.  My sense was that the airlines weren’t entirely sure. They were calling the pilots and asking the pilots for updates. Pilots were calling the air-traffic controllers.”

Even if some unidentified glitch in a computer system was actually the cause, why was this information not given to those being effected?  Who and why decided secrecy was the best way to handle this?  With the level of communication we have today the airlines, flight crews and passengers all could have been notified with a few taps and clicks.  But the government wants us to keep believing they really are this incompetent.

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