“Full Delete” Service Reveals Ashley Madison “Hack” And Extortion Are An Inside Job


Seriously, if you possessed the secrets of thousands of people, many of whom are obviously quite wealthy… would you be able to resist the temptation to swindle or blackmail them?  Cheater and Swinger web hookup service “Ashley Madison” has been hacked… or has it?  The web site appears to offer a “full delete” service for $19… whereby users can hide the tracks of their illicit communications.  Is it possible that too few users were taking them up on their legitimate extortion?  Is this week’s hack and subsequent string of blackmail a tool of the web site that claims to have been violated?  Sounds like typical big money tactics to me!  Seriously, folks… the only way to keep yourself safe is to not expose yourself to danger.  Do not shy away from it when it finds you, but honestly… quit going out of your way to find it!

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