Was Donald Trump Added To Throw The Election? Paid Off By The Clintons?


Is Donald Trump a plant for Hillary Clinton? He and the Clintons are good friends that go way back. Bill Clinton even called Trump right before he made the announcement that he was running for President.



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  • Steve Susa

    Silly talk, no one can buy Trump, I believe he really does love America, we need someone to fix the mess we are in, we need to apply laws and clean up and dispose of all the politicians who are collecting money for their votes !

    • judy

      ar eu in the market for a bridge i have one for sale… and i need a clean key board… sorry.

      • Steve Susa

        Judy keep voting liberal! If you believe in the liberals go live in Chicago? Detroit? Maybe Baltimore or perhaps Ferguson , then I’ll look at your bridge for sale

        • PhilliesWS2008


        • PhilliesWS2008

          more stupid ass talk from stupid ass right wingers. You people always say the same old, recycled shit