Warning…The FBI Issues Warning To The United States!!!!


America Needs To Be Locked And Loaded

The FBI has issued a warning to all military families to be on the lookout for Middle Eastern men trying to get information about soldiers stationed in the Middle East. The men have been showing up in pairs in Wyoming and Colorado, trying to intimidate military families.

They have accused the wife of a soldier of being an interrogator and trying to pressure the wife into giving them the details about her husband by using intimidation.


Our military has enough to worry about. They don’t need to have to worry about their families back here at home.

The thought is that they will go after military families first, then start coming after the rest of the citizens.

We need to defend those that defend us here at home before we have a lot more to worry about.

(Before It’s News)


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  • Johnny Buller

    And still there are people who believe that our troops should not be armed when they are on American soil. If the weapons are all locked up in an armory where do you think the enemy will strike first? We are at war and the war is getting closer and closer to home.

  • Carla Cox

    I agree the enemy is already within they have infiltrated throw our porous southern border and they have been brought n by our government as refugees