Warning!!! Resist Those Who Seek To Destroy All We Hold Dear!!!



Does anyone see what is coming? I have been called a pessimist and a doomsayer but look at the state of the world we inhabit. The way our government is hiding things from the people and lying to our faces as if we are too blind or stupid to see.

They divide us along racial and socio-economic lines. They turn us against one another because we are weak when we are divided. They take away our liberties by infinitesimal degrees so by the time we notice it will be too late to stop it. Iran has ICBMs capable of reaching the USA. Obama hands them the ability to produce a nuclear device. Even if it’s not a fission device a couple tons of radioactive waste would contaminate a massive area. North Korea has nuclear weapons. Kim jung douche bag is crazy enough to use them if we show a single weakness.

China routinely hacks into American databases. One well written virus could cripple everything from telecommunications to aerospace and defense. Our domestic air defense is s joke. On July 4th a Russian bomber designed to carry a nuclear bomb flew 40 miles off the coast of California. It caught the USAF with their pants down.

Isis plans to attack the US at some point. They have converts here already and nothing to lose. What damage can one man do? What can a couple HUNDRED do? How many people cross the Mexican border every day? If we can’t stop old women and children from coming in how can we stop trained suicidal men from coming?

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There are literally hundreds of possible scenarios and we as a nation ARE NOT READY. if only one scenario proves true then our society will be changed forever. This nations one remaining saving grace is the strength of it’s people. But will you trust that to be enough? Arm yourselves. Prepare for the worst. Isn’t it better to be prepared for that day and never have to endure it than to be caught unaware?

The purpose of this page is to connect like minded individuals so we can form a band of brothers. A network. A community of people who will stand strong against all threats both overseas and here on our own soil. Resist those who seek to destroy all we hold dear. Even if they are part of the established anti American government.

by American Insurrectionist