Guess Who’s Still Alive And Has Been Spotted Re-arming New Terrorist Network?


Warning! Osama Bin Laden is STILL alive and he is re-arming his new terrorist network through vicarious means!

He’s stooped as low as finding old, used cap guns at local grade schools, which he’ll no doubt arm with ballistic ammo.

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  • marlio

    Thats not him, just a brother.

  • Kev

    Misleading title and picture…with a ‘tube of a treasure hunter?
    Wtf man…how can you expect credilbility when you post like this?

  • Is anyone really suprised.

  • Keith

    I thought that whole burial at see was a little off!

  • The Doc

    Geez, ignorance prevails…clearly this is satirical, people, Get with the program…Did anyone actually watch the video? Or did you just read the headline?

    • Michael Green

      Illuminati Lizard Man from outer space detected!

  • James Ernest Marsh

    They told him if he could swim back he could live and no one would know.

  • ilikai

    I know that picture is an old one, I have seen it before, some years ago. Doesn’t prove anything in my book.