WARNING: If This Bug Comes Near, Do NOT Let It Touch You!

bug warning

Creepy crawlies are bad enough, but they’re worse when they can kill you upon touch! That’s the case with this creepy crawly that the CDC has just put out an urgent warning in regard to.

It’s not the bug itself that can kill you, but the parasite living within it to which it plays the role of host. If it gets on your body, it releases the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite, and then it is THAT which will kill you. The CDC says as many as 8 million people worldwide have been infected, and without proper treatment, death is practically imminent. Basically, you get flu like symptoms- diarrhea, fever, cramps, etc.- and they last until you die.

The common name for this deadly critter is the ‘kissing bug’ and it’s been reported in just about every southern state in the U.S. Here’s a map where they’ve been located.

kissing bug map

Should you come down with flu like symptoms that persist, seek medical treatment immediately, as you may have come in contact with the deadly kissing bug.

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