Warning!!! An Emergency Bulletin Has Been Issued!!!


An Emergency Bulletin Has been issued by Chaplin Lindsey Williams!


The New World Order Will Be Implemented September 25th!

The New World Currency Will Be Introduced October 20th!

We Are At the Brink of Total Worldwide Financial Collapse!

You Have Been Warned Take Action Now!!!


The NEW WORLD ORDER to be implemented in September!

Pope Francis to announce this at his upcoming trip to the United Nations on September 25, 2015. He will also issue an ENCYCLICAL, which is a letter from the Pope that will be sent to all Catholics that they are all EXPECTED to obey. That’s for every Roman Catholic around the world to obey unconditionally, even to accept The Mark Of The Beast when it is introduced.

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  • Secretsquid

    I’ve survived at least 25 of the end of the world scenarios.

    • Rose Leggore

      it isn’t the end of the world but maybe the end of the world as we know it…which has happened already just at a slower pace so as no one (the sheep) would notice….and most don’t care.

      • Larry Hanson

        Glad to know that someone else DID notice,…and care! Me, too, Rose.

  • Joe Stewart

    Yeah but you didn’t have Obummer and congress pulling together to take us over…