Waffle House Server Picks Up Shift For Extra Cash, Man’s Tip Leaves Her ‘Sick’

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If you’ve ever waited tables, you know it’s not an easy job. Long hours on your feet lead to feet, back and neck pain. Though most customers are friendly, there’s at least that one each day that’s a jerk. And, if you’re a hot young lady, like the woman in this picture, you often have to deal with being treated like a piece of meat just for having the audacity of going to work to try to earn a living.

The young woman above, Lauren Ball, pictured with her two year old son, had picked up an extra shift on her day off recently at the Waffle House where she works. She wanted to go on a vacation, but had just spent all her cash on her son’s birthday party.

Lauren was waiting on a group of friendly men when she excused herself to go outside for a cigarette break. One of the men came up to her outside and told her that his friend had left her a unique tip. One that would make her sick. He’d taken a picture of the tip on his phone and showed it to her while she smoked. It looked like this:

tip 2

Lauren thought the man was joking, but his friend came out and confirmed that he was not. The cook even came out to make sure the man had not made a mistake. The gentleman who left the $600 tip on a $24 tab said it was no mistake at all.  So, as you can see, the tip made Lauren sick in a a good way, and it looks like her vacation is now more than paid for.

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