Virginia Shooting!!! New Info!!! A 3rd Camera Spotted! WDBJ Missed This!!!


I got this footage from the camera of the shooter… It seems that he PURPOSELY recorded a security camera before shooting the victims. The question is… Why? In this video I also show you that the females victim ID’d the shooter by looking directly at him. The lady being interviewed also saw the shooter coming from a distance… Although I think this whole situation is strange and weird, I do wholeheartedly believe that guy was the shooter… I could be wrong… Listen to what he calls her before shooting her though… SHE was his main target the whole time… Sounds like a personal grudge. I don’t know why the media focuses on the guy being the main target. That’s obviously not true according to the shooter’s own video… Let me know your comments below! ~Sincere #Respect

by Who Is Sincere?

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  • Bill Trolinger

    I know a way to deal with this guy without really trying…since he’s gay just give him to Isis and let them deal with him by throwing him off a high building!! just saying!

  • sofdelta .

    I know that someone who gets shot multiple times can seem untouched by the rounds such as a terrorist , and he still continues on untill more rounds puts his ass down for good. Adrenaline does amazing shit to the body As if they had never been hit.

  • sofdelta .

    Some of you think that a person is shot , they will autotomatically fall to 5he ground and start bleeding everywhere well I know for a fact that this is not always the case.Being shot a half a dozen times and still moving towards you unfazed, as if they never been shot