VIRAL: Black Activist Learns Deputy EXECUTED… Immediately Issues SCATHING Message To Obama (Video)!!!


A black political activist named Joe Evans has a message for Barack Obama. He is calling Obama out and wants the POTUS to step up to the plate and “denounce the #BlackLivesMatter movement!”

Joe Evans said that it is problematic for any one group to publicly proclaim that “their lives are better than another group of peoples’ lives,” and he issued a call to every leader in power, urging the replacement of “black lives matter” with “all lives matter.”

“I challenge every leader, starting with the president down to myself, to denounce the black lives matter movement,” he said. “It’s a racist movement — racist to the core — and it will only cause more division and more hate among Americans.”

Evans added, “Let’s stay united.”

“Unfortunately, my workout was cut short when I saw that another officer was assassinated last night and many people will blame it on us not taking a serious approach to mental health, or we need stricter gun laws- but I think we should start by denouncing the black lives movement.”