(Violent Video, Viewer Discretion) Guy With AK-47 Loses His Shoot Out With Police!!


There has never been a more dangerous time to be a police officer in America than now. U.S. President Hussein Obama has basically given silent consent to kill white police officers, simply by coming out in defense of any common street criminal who gets killed by cops, but by remaining silent every time one of these thugs kill a cop.

This guy comes out of his car shooting and fires 37 rounds before the cops take him down.  It’s a miracle these officers survived, there’s no other explanation.

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  • oldsgtjoe

    Lucky for are police, that most crazy shooters have little or no training in firearm use,

  • God Bless and Protect our Military, Police, Firemen, and EMT’s, and may the sword of justice be mighty and fatal on the scum of our society! Idiots like this is why it is best to be well trained with weapons and have a CC in your wallet!

  • pinnie

    now thats just stupid right there