(Violent Video) Thugs Put Into Comma Trying To Rob Clerk Who Is Actually 5 Time MMA National Champion!


His manager went to the bank, but when he got back these crooks were waiting for him.  So this HERO jumps out of the store and kicks the life out of his boss’s assailants.

Don’t you just love it when poetic justice like this visits street thugs? If enough people would react like this clerk, instead of allowing themselves to be victims, perhaps less thugs would try this chicanery! A few more thugs off the streets would do us all some good!

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  • Phylsingleton Phylsingleton

    To bad he didn’t beat the life out of them.

  • bayman61

    He also attacked them after he was down and was no longer a threat to him or anyone else. In reality, that man can use this video to have him arrested and sued for excessive force.

    • Annette Brown